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Berceuse sur le Nom de SWANN


Image of Berceuse sur le Nom de SWANN

This organ solo was written to honor Dr. Frederick Swann. It was commissioned by Wayne and Joseph Burcham-Gulotta, members of Saint Margaret's Episcopal Church, Palm Desert, CA, where Fred is Organ-Artist-in-Residence. Dr. Swann played the world premiere on December 8, 2019 at Saint Margaret's.
The main theme of the work is a five-note motif: C-G-A-F-F, corresponding to the letters SWANN, when worked out musically. It is a berceuse or lullaby in three parts. The metaphor the composer had in mind for the three sections follows:
1. Preparation for the birth in the stable
2. Mary's hour of travail with the birth of Jesus
3. Baby Jesus and his parents sleeping
This score includes two versions of the piece. In the original version, Silent Night is gently paraphrased in the modern French style. The alternate version replaces the paraphrased Silent Night with a quotation of the original melody.
Duration of the piece: 7 minutes
5/10 level of difficulty

See a video of the composer playing the original version of this piece here: https://youtu.be/jxuE0vHrM1A
This video shows the composer playing the alternate version of the piece: